Karlsruher SC football club profile

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German football: karlsruhe-football-club

Karlsruher SC football club was a result of a lot of mergers and although it was initially formed in 1894, it finally settled down in 1952. The club is based in Karlsruhe, Germany and after being relegated from the Bundesliga a few years back, they are currently playing in the 2nd division in Germany.

Karlsruher SC football club play their home games at the wildparkstadion with a capacity which is closing down to 30000. The home kits are predominantly white with blue borders and the away games are played wearing a blue kit with white borders.

The club has through out it’s history seen a lot of ups and downs mainly due to financial restrictions which have led them to even play in the German 3rd division but the sheer will and passion for the game helps them bounce back. The club’s golden period is always associated under the crafty leadership of Winfried Schafer, who not only helped them up the table in the Bundesliga got them to perform exceptionally well in the UEFA cup where Karlsruher SC literally thrashed the Spanish giants Valencia football club 7-0 and making the victory as one of the most memorable in the club’s history.

At present the club is playing in the 2nd division but looks pumped up to bounce back in the Bundesliga and some how duplicate the seasons in which they reached the semi finals in the UEFA Cup.

Performance record and best football players of Hoffenheim fotoball club

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Hoffenheim fotoball club

1899 Hoffenheim football club have certainly become a force to reckon with in German football since their amazing run in the past decade or so. They have moved up the ladder and have climbed up from playing in 5th division just in 2000 to now playing in the Bundesliga and eyeing a spot in Europe.

Although the club has come under heavy criticism from various corners of the press, it has also been seen negatively by other clubs and their fans since they believe that 1899 Hoffenheim FC is just in the Bundesliga because of large money invested in it and does not have a proper history or even a fan base. In the midst of all the pressures, the club has still performed well and won a few regional trophies along with their ascent from the 5th division to the top division courtesy hard work and enthusiasm of it’s players.

1899 Hoffenheim football club certainly isn’t known for big named football players but since it is playing in the top division now, days aren’t far off when it too would have big names in the world of football on it’s pay roll since money doesn’t seem to be an issue. However a few notable players that play for the club or who have previously played for them are Felx Luz, Francisco Copado, Timo Hildebrand etc.

Hoffenheim football club profile

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German football club Hoffenheim football club profile

A side that was playing 5th division in Germany up until 2000 made a remarkable advance towards the German Bundesliga in a short span of 8 years with the financial backing from a software mogul. This side is now known as 1899 Hoffenheim and was previously called TSG Hoffenheim.

1899 Hoffenheim Football Club was founded back at the turn of the nineteenth century in 1899. The club was a nobody in German football during the mid 1990s since it was an amateur side playing in the 8th division but thanks to Dietmar Hopp, the co-founder of SAP, the club received enough funds to start producing immediate results and make it’s way towards the more serious level of football played in Germany, the Bundesliga.

The club plays it’s home games at Rhein-Neckar-arena which is a 30000 seat stadium once again gifted to the supporters of this club by Dietmar Hopp and cost the billionaire around $75 million.

1899 Hoffenheim is seen in an all royal blue kit for their home games where as the away kits are a nice mix of blue and white. With the club achieving so much success in such a short time, all that is now expected is some consistency as far as the Bundesliga is concerned and surely with it’s passionate owner and fans along with a solid group of footballers, 1899 Hoffenheim is destined for more success in the coming years.

Profile of VFL Bochum football club

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Football in Germany: Bochum football club

VFL Bochum football club that plays second division football in Germany. Initially formed under the name of Turnverein Zu Bochum in 1848, it is one of the oldest clubs in the Europe. They play their home games in a kit which is a mixture of light and dark blue. The away kits are interesting in color which are often either a dull brown or muddy color or a very light green color.

VFL Bochum FC plays it’s home games at the rewirpower-stadion which has a capacity closing down on 30000. When the Bundesliga was first introduced in 1963, VFL Bochum were positioned in the third division from where they had to work really hard to reach the top flight and it wasn’t until 1971 that they got their first chance to play with the big boys of German Football.

The club has a few very interesting things that are off note; for example VFL Bochum FC has never assigned a number 12 jersey to any player simply because it is in honor of it’s fans whom the club considers as the 12th player. The club also was the first ever German club who traveled to Israel to play in 1955 and it’s unofficial anthem was written by a well known German musician called Herbert Gronemeyer which is sung at the start of every home game.

Hertha BSC football club profile

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Football in Germany: Hertha BSC football club profile

Based in Berlin Germany, Hertha BSC football club is one of the founding members of the German Football Association. The club was formed in 1892 in Leipzig and has a rich history to itself.

The club currently play in the German second division and have historically been known for performing really well through out their time on the pitch. They play their home games at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin which has a capacity or around 75000 people. The home kits for Hertha BSC FC are white and blue and the away kits are normally red and black in color. They happen to be one of the first teams to have beaten Southend United FC from England in 1910, in an era when the English clubs dominated the world of football.

Time and again the club felt the heat of poor financial situations and was at times not in the position to buy the sort of talent that would take them really to the top. Although they were one of the first sides to have played in the inaugural Bundesliga in 1963 and performed relatively well, they were demoted for the next season because they were found guilty of bribing the players to play for them. In recent times Hertha BSC FC have been regulars in the Bundesliga and have also managed to play not only in the UEFA Cup but also in the UEFA Champions league, which without a doubt is one of the biggest achievements for any club.

Profile of Hannover 96 football club

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Football in germany: Profile of Hannover 96 football club

Nicknamed ‘Die Roten’ (The Reds), Hannover 96 is a football club that plays in the German Bundesliga. Founded back in 1896, the club is distinct in their Red and White home kit although, originally, black-white-green were colors associated with the club.

The club was resolved during the world war 2 like most of the football clubs all across Europe but was reassembled in August 1945. Hannover 96 football club are not necessarily known for their trophies but the club has a rich history to show. They have won an odd trophy here and there but mostly they have been fighting relegation and financial problems. Had it not been for a decent run for the club post 1990, the club would have very well gone into administration. It was their victory in the DFB-Pokal tournament that helped Hannover 96 FC get their finances straight and became the first lower division side to win this tournament. The club then got relegated to the third division which was probably the worst period in the club’s history. They however recruited some fresh talent which took the club from strength to strength and eventually Hannover 96 football club got back into Bundesliga with the big boys.

Having signed a new technical director and a group of talented footballers, the future promises to be bright for Hannover 96 and it’s fans.

Performance record of Bayer Leverkusen football club

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German football:  Bayer Leverkusen football club

Even though the club has been around for over a century now and have been coming close to winning trophies, they have been so near and yet so far. Over the years even with exceptional talent within their ranks, Bayer Leverkusen football club has never been able to win a Bundesliga title or any German league title for that matter.

Within their time during top flight German football, Bayer Leverkusen Football Club have managed to be runners up 4 times. The golden days of the club are however the season of 1988 where by they won the UEFA cup in 1988. Another surprising season came of in 2001-2002 whereby they were runners in the UEFA Champions league.

Bayern Leverkusen FC have however won a few other titles which may not be off the greatest importance as far as the club football is concerned but it has certainly shaped up the club’s confidence level. In 1992-93 season, they won the DFB-Pokal title and previously had also won Bundesliga Title(2nd Division) in 1978.

Looking at the club’s performance in the last two decades we can all clearly see that the club is performing exceptionally well and have been constantly a threat to the major sides in the German football league. It is without a shadow of a doubt that Bayer Leverkusen FC is destined for greatness with the current squad and the deteriorating performance of rivals such as Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund FC.

Top ten players of Borussia Dortmund football club

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Sebastian-Kehl-of Dortmund football club Read more..

Performance record of Borussia Dortmund football

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Performance record of Borussia Dortmund football

Borussia Dortmund Football club has evolved over the years as a power house of German football and even with regular financial scares, the club has shown resiliency and has constantly won silver wear for it’s die hard fans.

After securing their first national title back in 1956 with a victory against Karlsruher FC 4-2, the club has never looked back.Over the years, apart from winning 6 German Bundesliga titles, Borussia Dortmund FC was the first German club to make a mark for itself in Europe by winning the UEFA cup in 1966 and eventually winning the UEFA Champions league in 1997.To their credit, Borussia Dortmund have also got two German Cups in their trophy cabinet which only testifies the consistency with which this club has matured with time.

Borussia Dortmund FC are also known to have developed intense football rivalry between them and Schalke 04 football club, who were the most successful side post world war 2 era. Even though they lost to Juventus FC in the 1993 UEFA Cup final, the money that resulted was used to sign some exceptional talent that eventually resulted in back to back Bundesliga titles in 1995 and 1996 under the inspirational play maker Matthias Sammer. With time moving on and more and more money being poured into the game, it is only a matter of time when Borussia Dortmund FC rise to the status of European champions as the side definitely possesses some great talent on display.

Schalke 04 football club profile

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German football club Schalke 04 football club profile

Schalke football club is a German football league club that was established in May 1904 and has since then been among the list of successful teams in Germany. The  Schalke football club has been attracting a lot of praise recently for playing good football and qualifying for the UEFA Champions League along with some big teams. Schalke fc has a rich history and the club has a good capable squad. ‘DIE KONIGSBLAUEN (the royal blues)’ as they are fondly called have a rich history and a prestigious trophy cabinet filled with trophies from all over the world showing the Schalke football club’s successful era of dominance in the world of football.

The Schalke football club is currently under guidance of experienced coach Felix Magath who has given new confidence to the club and helped strengthen the team by signing players such as Raul Gonzalez. Schalke fc play their home matches at the beautiful Veltins-arena that can accommodate a massive total of over 61,400 fans. Schalke football club is currently owned by Josef Schnusenberg who has provided funds for bringing in renowned players such as Raul and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. The club’s crest is characterized by blue and white colours in the form of a ring and SC 04 written in between.

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