3 Most Famous Football Tournaments

Ronaldo and Messi

There are plenty of football tournaments available to watch on TV, but the thrill of watching it live is definitely far from being different. If you were looking for a really interesting match between two football giants, then probably you would have to wait for the right time or season, for most famous and excellent football tournaments are held seasonally anyway.

Back on track, the three most famous football tournaments in the world would undeniably be:

• the Olympics,

• the World Cup, and

• the UEFA Cup tournaments

Football was first introduced into the Olympics in the year 1900, with the first set of medals given out some eight years later; during which professional footballers from clubs were not allowed to represent their countries initially. As for the World Cup, which returns every 2 years on common occasions, this was introduced by FIFA in the year 1930. It started off with merely 13 countries in the beginning, and thus far has expanded its territories up to Japan and Korea in the recent years. The UEFA Cup on the other hand returns to fame every 4 years and involves football giants from all over Europe. This tournament does not have a fixed amount of countries or teams however, and the number notably changes every year to date.