Performance record of Udinese Calcio football club

by on April 24, 2011
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Udinese Calcio football club-Italian football club

The ‘ZEBRETTE’ have the honour of being the second oldest club in Italy and have a rich history as a football club; though the team may have not won many titles but Udinese football club has had it’s share of moments in the world of football after claiming the 2nd position in the SERIE A in the 1954/55 season. The club’s best form was perhaps in the 90’s and carried into the 21st century as the club had qualified for the UEFA EUROPA League and the UEFA Champions League on different occasions. Udinese fc has a capable squad that has allowed it to achieve success in the current season (2010/11); the club is currently at 4th postion in the league and in contention to qualify for the UEFA Champions League next season; Antonio Di Natale of Udinese fc is the current top scorer of the SERIE A having scored 25 goals so far.

Performance record of Udinese Calcio football club

1) UEFA Intertoto Cup Winners.

2) Mitropa Cup Winners.

3) Anglo-Italian Cup Winners.

4) Coppa Italia Primavera Winners.

5) Campionato Nazionale Primavera Winners.

6) Coppa Italia SERIE C Winners.

7) Campionato Primavera di SERIE B Winners.

 Due to its good records and more due to the great quality football this club plays, it has a huge fan club.