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UEFA was founded on 15 June 1954, in Basle, Switzerland because many people felt there was a need for a separate governing body dedicated mainly to European football. When FIFA approved the formation of continental football associations in 1953, UEFA’s creation was assured. Since then UEFA became the guiding hand and governing body of European football.

Its most prestigious event is the UEFA European Championship which is held every 4 years featuring the top class teams from all over Europe. UEFA has diversified a lot as it grew in stature. It has various existing committees and expert panels, which study the game, hold discussions, make decisions and recommendations and suggest changes.

UEFA is comprised of 53 national football associations. Through their work in organizing top class European competitions for national teams and staging the best club competitions in the world, UEFA carries out a wide range of activities to promote and develop European football.

The activities undertaken by UEFA to fulfill its mission are driven by the urge to promote football game to the extreme. UEFA has therefore the following vision of success:

“A united European football family working together to improve enjoyment of the game.”

To manage UEFA staff and resources efficiently, to provide first-class administrative support to the work of all UEFA Committees and to communicate efficiently internally and externally, UEFA has a fully developed Budget management Objective setting Staff, management IT support Internal control systems and Forward planning block which generates and then invests that money again in different forms of the game to keep the soccer players alive.