Popular Football Formations

Football formations

Football or a game that is also known as soccer is very famous across the world and more than hundred countries play this game. The game of football is played between two teams with each player is having eleven players. Some players play the role of defenders, some plays as mid-fielder or winger and two or three of them plays as goal getter or striker whose responsibility is to score. This tactic of arranging players in a ground is known as a formation. Let us look at some of the very popular football formations that are used in the modern day games.

The most common football formation is 4-4-2 formation in which four players play as defender, four players play as mid-fielder or winger and other two of them play forward as a striker and eleventh player is a goal-keeper.

Another common formation is 4-5-1 formation in which, four player plays as defender, five players play as winger and one plays forward to score the goal.

Third football formation type is 4-3-3 combination in which three players play forward game as scorer, three plays play to pass the ball as winger and four players make a defending wall at the back-court.

Another football formation of 4-3-1-2 is also known as diamond formation. In this style of formation, four players defend the opposite scorers; three of them play as wingers, one of them plays between wingers and strikers to create opportunities and two of them plays forward to convert the opportunities in to goals.

What is Passing in Football

Diego Maradona

Football is a team game that is played with eleven players a side and at a time two teams compete for a win in the match by scoring highest number of goals in a game. Football passing is exploitation of football possession by transferring the ball from one player to another player of the same team. There can be two types of passes defensive and offensive. Passes are done for the best reason of possessing the ball. The art of passing a football requires ability on the sides, ball passer as well as ball collector. So, all the team members of a football should be equally good to pass as well as to collect the passed ball including a goal-keeper.

Initially, a player may pass the ball to its teammate without keeping much of the principles in mind but as the skills built up, players try to look for their teammates and either passes the balls into their legs or into the open space near the teammate to collect the ball from there. Once, the art of passing the ball is fine-tuned, a player can play an important role as a winger or mid-fielder and with his abilities to make perfect passes, he can create best opportunities of goal for strikers of his team near the goal post.

Football is the most popular game played in the world currently which is played in more than hundred countries of the world. It is a team game having eleven players a side and two teams compete to score maximum number of goals in a match to win it. Dribbling and passing are the most important aspects of this game. A player needs to good in both passing and dribbling the ball in order to become a best footballer. Let us look at some of the world’s best football passers of 2005-10 here in this article.

1. Andres Iniesta: This Spaniard has an amazing ability of passing the ball by marking one to one play. He can play short passes as well as best long passes straight to the marked player.

2. Andreas Pirlo: An Italian who helped Italy to win the 2006 football world cup is one of the best when it comes to play passes. He has an amazing ability to pass the balls in short as well as long distances.

3. Ronaldinho: A Brazilian who is amongst the list of best dribblers as well as best passers. Just like best dribbling he can play the short and long passes to the marked player with perfection.

4. Paul Scholes: An Englishman who is always praised for his ability of playing best football passes in the world football. With his abilities of passing, he has created many opportunities for the strikers to score a goal.