Top 8 Hat-tricks of FIFA World Cup

by on June 27, 2010


In the eighty years since that first World Cup Championship, way back in 1930, many of soccer’s greatest and most legendary players have participated. So, you might be wondering, with all of those great players, how many hat tricks have they scored? And which ones were the best? First, you need to know that a “World Cup hat trick” is the feat f scoring three or more goals in a single match. The folks at the World Cup do not count qualifiers! So, that said, here’s the scoop: Read more..

Host Countries Performances during FIFA World Cups

by on June 19, 2010

France in 1998 football world cup

FIFA World Cup has become an international and global event and it is a matter of pride and dignity for a country to host such a big and globally favorite event. Host team always has to perform dual responsibility: hospitality towards other teams who come to their home from all over the world and their own performance and efforts to win the tournament in their own country.

Eighteen world cup tournaments have been played since 1930 and the 19th is just being played. Till this date six host countries have won the tournament while playing in their own countries. The first ever World Cup in the history of football was played in Uruguay and won by Uruguay. Other five countries who gave best performance while playing in their homeland were:

• Italy (1934)
• England (1966)
• West Germany (1974)
• Argentina (1978)
• France (1998)

In three tournaments, out of the remaining 12, the host teams qualified for the final but couldn’t succeed to win the trophy. In 1950 World Cup, the final match was held between the host team Brazil and first winning team of FIFA World cup, Uruguay, where Brazil. Uruguay.

In 1958, the World Cup final match was played between the host team Sweden and Brazil; the latter won the trophy for the first time. In the latest World Cup of 2006, the final match held between the host team France and Italy and Italy took the trophy home; it was the fourth victory of Italy in the history of World Cup. In the remaining 9 tournaments since 1930, host teams didn’t even qualify for the final.