The Best Players of La Liga 2015/16 by Position

Best Goalkeepers

Claudio Bravo

Goalkeepers from South America are on top here, Claudio Bravo of Barcelona and Keylor Navas of Real Madrid dominate, and one European has joined them – Jan Oblak from Atletico Madrid is showing some exceptional skills on goal.

Best Defenders

Diego Simeone mentioned in an interview that he takes Diego Godin as the best defender of Spanish Primera Division. Besides him, Real’s captain Sergio Ramos is definitely among the best players of La Liga, and when it comes to left and right backs, Marcelo and Danny Alves are on the top, as they are as dangerous in defending their own goal and attacking the opposition.

Best Midfielder

There is no doubt that versatility of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi means they can play anywhere on the pitch, and are certainly the best players of La Liga who contribute enormously to their teams on the pitch. They are not only scoring goals but also do their share of passing, dribbling and organizing the play, which is why they are in the midfield category.

Best Attackers

 Luis Suarez

Competition is fierce when it comes to attackers. Neymar of Barcelona scores as well as he assists, Luis Suarez is of similar profile, and Karim Benzema of Real Madrid is a true attacker. Besides them, Aduriz of Athletic Club and Antonio Griezmann of Atletico Madrid are a great threat to the opposition goalkeepers, and you should check out Jackson Martinez, as he has the ability to be the threat even when he is not scoring, since it is extremely hard to guard him.

Best Coaches 

Luis Enrique is a part of Barcelona for years, but the coach you should turn your attention to is Diego Simeone. Atletico Madrid is playing great from when he took over them, he turned players into real soldiers on the pitch and are completely dedicated to the team.

Best Captains

There is not one best players of La Liga category that can go without Real Madrid and Barcelona players. Andres Iniesta and Sergio Ramos are among most influencing captains, and Jose Antonio Reyes of Sevilla is also extremely respected among his teammates.

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