The World Cup Greatest Streaks – Some of Them, At Least..

by on June 26, 2010

2010_FIFA_World_Cup_logoWining Streaks and losing streaks and statistical streaks, the World Cup has had it share of all kinds of streaks. If you were eighty years old, you might have had a few streaks of your own! Still, just for fun, here are some of the record streaks that just might be broken in 2010!

• Brazil is the only team to play in every World Cup (19 appearances) since it began in 1930.

• Mexico has the losing streak record (13 of them from 1930 until 1958)

• Italy and Brazil are the only two teams in World Cup Tournament history to won and then successfully defended their title!

• Brazil and Germany are tied for the record of most consecutive matches in which their team scored at least a single goal. Each has 18 of them.

• Bulgaria’s team went on a losing streak that started in 1962 and ended in 1994! They had 17 consecutive matches without a single win! Ouch!

• Brazil holds the winning streak record, enjoying 11 consecutive wins between 2002 and 2006.

Sure there are/were lots of other streaks during the 80 years we’ve enjoyed the World Cup’s matches. Individual streaks would warrant a small book. These are just a few streaks enjoyed or suffered by teams.

And yes, no doubt next year, there will be new ones to add to the list. Let’s just hope that your favorite team gets their streak going on the winning side of the list!


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