Top 10 forwards/strikers of UEFA

Kaka-Real-Madrid-Football-All a striker need is, GOALS!

Their aggression and style along with being the most expensive players, it is no wonder that strikers are  always looking out for goals and money. Their job is to score goals with speed and intelligence. Forward is the most modern much demanded position of football. Being the most demanding position, the players naturally become an essential for teams and team managers would pay anything to get the best strikers at any cost. One of the most expensive strikers so far has been Christiano Rolando who belongs to the Portugal national football team and plays for Real Madrid FC. The UEFA has been vigilant in picking the best strikers so far in all the seasons. The all time top 10 forwards/strikers of UEFA are as follows:

1)      Ronaldo

2)      Rauk

3)      Andriy Schevchenko

4)      Ruud van Nistelrooy

5)      Fernando Morientes

6)      Ronaldinho

7)      Samuel Eto’o

8)      Kaka

9)      Chrsitiano Ronaldo

10)   Lionel Messi

Messi is shining and rising like a new star with his magical skills. He has been performing extremely well in Barcelona FC these days and expected to make an impact with football. Come forward and make your contribution to this list to make it even better. These top ten strikers from EUFA score goals and steal the thunder. 

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