Top 10 Midfielders and goalies of Internazionale – All time

by on October 6, 2010
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Top 10 Midfielders and goalies of Internazionale - All timeA team playing football requires skilful and strong midfielders. Domination of midfielder in a match means that the possession of ball is more and having more opportunities to score. Midfielders are usually players positioned in the middle of the field between the defenders and forwards. Midfielders require the ability to control the ball as well as to pass the ball to another player flawlessly. In football there are defensive midfielder, side (left/right) midfielder and central midfielder. In an official team of football three to five midfielders can play. While playing a match, the midfielder rarely gets rest. Midfielder requires a lot of stamina as football demands many things to do in a match. FC Internazionale Milano has had very good international level midfielders. Many of the midfielders of the club are famous for their capability in field.

Top 10 midfielders of Internazionale are:

1. Emilio Agradi
2. Salvatrore Bagni
3. Evaristo Beccalossi
4. Gianfranco Bedin
5. Nicolo Berti
6. Mario Betini
7. Attilio Demaria
8. Marco Materazzi
9. Esteban Cambiasso
10. Lothar Matthaus

In any football club, goalkeeper is an important player who stands as a barrier for attackers and goals. A goalkeeper requires the quality such as athleticism, anticipations and sacrifice. A great communication with the defenders of the team is required for a goalkeeper. Julio Cesar of Internazionale Milano is one of the best goalkeepers in the world today. Success of a soccer team also depends on the ability of the goalkeeper. Each of the goalkeepers that have had with the Inter Milan has contributed to the success of the team. Inter Milan produced world’s best goalkeepers who played world cup tournaments also. Opponents of Inter Milan should beware of their goalkeepers who are the best in soccer.

Top ten goalies of Internazionale are:

1. Ivano Bordon
2. Lorenzo Buffon
3. Ottavio Bugatti
4. Giorgio Ghezzi
5. Angelo Peruzzi
6. Francesco Toldo
7. Walter Zenga
8. Sebastian Frey
9. Lido Vieri
10. Julio Cesar

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