Top 10 players of Villarreal CF football club

Giuseppe-Rossi of Villarreal Villarreal CF football club is one of the best clubs in Spanish league for the last five years. Their strength in the midfield and forward has been the ability to destroy any defense, a skill that teams like Sevilla and Valencia cannot seem to imitate. Last year, Villarreal football club finished in a disappointing 7th place because of the injuries and couldn’t place in the UEFA Champions league. However, this season they are looking more positive in their play and are successfully playing on the 4th position on the La Liga Table. The fans once again want to see their heroes play the UEFA Champions League next year and bring the 1st place trophy at home.

Villarreal football has produced many great players in the history of football. There are also some players closely watched for the current season. Jozy Altidore, who transferred from Hull City last year, still needs to prove his class this season as he was only able to score one goal in the last sixteen fixtures for the club. Brazilian forward Nilmar, 26 years of age, is a regular goal scorer for his side, as he scored 11 goals last year and 12 goals for the current season so far. Giuseppe Rossi is enjoying much of the current season with 20 goals already in his name. The 23-year-old is showing all his class at the highest level. The Italian is one of the players who fans love to watch on the field.

The top 10 football players of Villareal CF football club for the season 2010-2011 are:

1-Giuseppe Rossi (Italy), Forward,

2-Nilmar Honorato da Silva (Brazil), Forward,

3-Marco Gastón Ruben (Argentina), Forward

4- Santiago Cazorla González (Spain), Mid Fielder

5-Rubén Gracia Calmache (Spain), Mid Fielder

6-Borja Valero Iglesias (Spain), Mid Fielder

7-Jefferson Antonio Montero (Ecuador), Mid Fielder

8-Joan Capdevila (Spain), Defender

9-Gonzalo Javier Rodríguez (Argentina), Defender

10-Hernán Arsenio Pérez (Paraguay), Mid Fielder

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