Top 16 Teams of FIFA World Cup 2010

by on June 26, 2010

2010_FIFA_World_Cup_logo“Pro football is like nuclear warfare. There are no winners, only survivors.”

Weeks of non-stop “Oh, my God”, “What on earth?”, “That was not a foul!” , “How come he missed it?” and “Yay! they won it”, finally FIFA World Cup 2010 is in the second stage of round of 16. The upsets and performance in FIFA World Cup 2010 group stage enthralled the world. The biggest disappointment was the failure of defending champion, Italy, to qualify for top 16 round. The Italian fans are extremely broken! Anyways, here is the list of top 16:

1. Uruguay
2. South Korea
3. Argentina
4. Mexico
5. USA
6. Ghana
7. Germany
8. England
9. Netherlands
10. Paraguay
11. Japan
12. Brazil
13. Portugal
14. Slovakia
15. Spain
16. Chile

Although the trend of FIFA 2010 has been very unpredictable, we still managed to come up with opinions. Here are the teams, we think, could make their way into the quarterfinals:

1. Korea
2. Argentina
3. USA
4. Germany
5. Netherlands
6. Japan
7. Spain
8. Brazil

Agree or not? Drop in your predictions as the FIFA World Cup 2010 is heating up!

FIFA world cup 2010 was won by Spain. Spain football team had a great forward line in this world cup, most remarkable of them all was David Villa. It will not be unfair to say that David Villa’s contribution was huge in Spain’s first ever football world cup victory.

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