Top 3 Milestones of Arsenal

Arsenal football clubArsenal is one of the most famous, yet low-profiled football teams in England and Europe. Its influence could be well seen throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia; although admittedly its fan base is not as big as other giants alike. As a successful football team, Arsenal has had many great moments in the past years; the top three worthy of mentioning being;

• The first victory in the FA Cup final against Huddersfield Town in 1930,
• The victory in Cup-Winners’ Cup against Parma in 1994 and
• The record in the UEFA Champions League 2005–2006 season in going ten matches without conceding a single goal from any opponent.

To go in detail, their first victory against Huddersfield Town did not come by sudden surprise whatsoever and with the live airing over TV networks, things were made ten-fold more exciting by the media. The victory in Cup-Winners’ Cup against Parma in 1994 was also equally historical, although by then Arsenal was already famous for its string of continuous victories. As for the record in the UEFA Champions League 2005–06 seasons, Arsenal made a magnificent record in maintaining up to 995 minutes of game play without conceding to any goal from any opponent team, at least until the overturning goal from Barcelona.

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