Top 5 FIFA World Cup Goal Keeping Moments

by on June 27, 2010


Since it began in 1930, the World Cup has become the most prestigious competition in the sport of professional soccer. Many of the world’s greatest players (past and present) have sought to win glory on the fields of the World Cup. Some of them garnered glory for the great goals they scored. Others, however, got their moment in history for the goals they prevented. Here are just a few highlights of some of the great goalkeeping we’ve seen in 80 years of World Cup play:

• Two goalkeepers hold a tied record for the most clean-sheets in World Cup finals. Peter Shilton and Fabien Barthez both have 10!

• Gigi Buffon and Fabien Barthez share a record for the fewest goals conceded by the winning team. Each of them let only 2 goals slip past during wins in the 2006 and the 1998 Cups (respectively).

• Luis Guevera Mora (El Salvador) holds the record nobody wants. He conceded ten goals in a single match in 1982.

• Walter Zenga’s record is for the longest consecutive period without conceding a single goal. He went for 517 unbeaten minutes in 1990!

• Switzerland’s Pascal Zuberbuhler is the only goalie to leave a tournament where his team qualified for their group without conceding a goal. He kept four clean sheets in four matches before his team was ousted by the Ukraine on penalties in 2006.

Doubtless goalkeepers are busy in South Africa even as I speak, planning on how to add their names to this list. I just hope, for their sakes, they don’t end up besting Luis Guevera Mora’s record!

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