Top 8 Hat-tricks of FIFA World Cup

by on June 27, 2010


In the eighty years since that first World Cup Championship, way back in 1930, many of soccer’s greatest and most legendary players have participated. So, you might be wondering, with all of those great players, how many hat tricks have they scored? And which ones were the best? First, you need to know that a “World Cup hat trick” is the feat f scoring three or more goals in a single match. The folks at the World Cup do not count qualifiers! So, that said, here’s the scoop:

• There have 48 hat tricks have been scored in over 700 matches during 18 World Cup Tournaments. (FYI – no team scored a hat trick in the 2006 World Cup – the only tournament not to have at least one!)

• The USA’s Bert Patenaude in a match against Paraguay in the very first Cup series scored the first hat trick in 1930.

• The most World Cup hat tricks were scored in the 1954 Cup in Switzerland – the total…eight!

Some of the most noteworthy hat-tricks include (but are note limited to):

• 1994 – Oleg Salenko became the only player in WC history to score five goals in a single match (Russia vs.Cameroon)

• 1938 – Ernest Wilimowski scored 4 goals for his team but they lost anyway. It’s interesting to note that two other players scored a hat trick for the losing team, as well. Josef Hugi in 1954 and Igor Belanov in 1986.

• One player scored a hat trick during his first International competition. Guillermo Stabile did it in the first World Cup in 1930.

• The only players to score three HEADERS in a match are Tomas Skuhravy (1990) and Miroslav Klose (2002).

• The youngest player to score a World Cup hat trick was Pele, at only 17.

• The oldest player to pull off a hat trick at the Cup was Tore Keller at 33.

• Just one player has scored a hat trick in a World Cup FINAL match. Geoff Hurst scored three for Team-England in the 1966 World Cup Final. Incidentally, his was the longest hat trick to be completed, as well. The shots came in at 10’, 98’ and 120’!

• Only four players have scored two hat tricks in World Cup competition. Sandor Kocsis (1954), Just Fontaine (1958), Gerd Muller (1970), Gabriel Batistuta (1994/1998). Please note that Kocsis and Muller scored theirs in consecutive matches!

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