Top ten attackers/scorers of Arsenal – All time

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Arsenal Football Club

Thierry Daniel Henry is French footballer who played in Arsenal as a forward. He made 369 appearances with Arsenal and scored 226 goals in total. He is the all-time goal scorer of Arsenal. John Radford is a centre forward who sometimes plays as right winger. Radford is the youngest hat trick goal scorer of Arsenal and the record remains till this date. David Herd was the main goal scorer of the club and also the top scorer for four seasons, from1956-1960. Doug Lishman was the top scorer of the club for five consecutive seasons and scored 26 goals from 59 league matches. Reg Lewis scored 143 goals in 130 games and he was a natural scorer. Ted Drake is also a prolific scorer and was a part of the team to win two league titles and one FA Cup. Cliff Bastin is in the third position among the top goal scorers of Arsenal. Arsenal is one of the most popular football clubs from English Premiere League. Arsenal has always scored against tough opponents due to their great attacking line up. 

Top ten attackers/scorers of Arsenal are:

1. Jimmy Brain
2. Joe Hulme
3. Jack Lambert
4. Cliff Bastin
5. Ted Drake
6. Reg Lewis
7. Doug Lishman
8. David Herd
9. John Radford
10. Thierry Henry

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