Top Ten Captains and Attackers/Strikers of Internazionale – All time

by on October 6, 2010
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Giuseppe BaresiCaptain should be an all rounder in the game of football. He should know how to get respect from his team members. A captain should encourage the team members to play well. Sportsmanship is the key quality required for a captain. More often captains are the more experienced and older ones or having the ability to influence a game as a whole. Tossing of coins before the kick-off and penalty shootout are the official functions of a captain. Captains will lead the team in all sessions of practice and workout. Giuseppe Meazza is the legendary captain of Internazionale and he was with the Italian national team in Rome to win the World Cup in the year 1934 as well as the World Cup of 1938 in Paris.

Top 10 captains of Internazionale are:

1. Virgilio Fossati
2. Giuseppe Meazza
3. Lothar Matthaeus
4. Giacnto Facchetti
5. Giuseppe Baresi
6. Hernst Manktl
7. Sandro Mazzola
8. Giuseppe Baresi
9. Armando Picchi
10. Giuseppe Bergomi

Attackers are the best known among the team members of Internazionale. They are the expensive players in their team. This position requires intelligence and speed to execute the thoughts on time. Most of the time, the coach of the team will place a striker in an advanced position i.e. the centre forward. Another attacker plays in a deeper position will assist to get goals and in scoring. The major strength of FC Internazionale is their strikers. Some of the world’s noted attackers/scorers are from FC Internazionale Milano. FC Internazionale has had the best attackers in past as well as in present generations.

Top 10 attackers/scorers of FC Internazionale are:

1. Ermanno Aebi – 1910-22 – 106 goals
2. Alessandro Altobelli – 1977-88 – 209 goals
3. Roberto Boninsegna – 1969-76 – 171 goals
4. Benito Lorenzi – 1947-58 – 138 goals
5. Christian Vieri – 1999-2005 – 123 goals
6. Istvan Nyers – 1948-54 – 133 goals
7. Antonio Valentin Angelillo – 1957-61 – 77 goals
8. Julio Ricardo Cruz – 2003-09 – 75 goals
9. Adriano – 2001-02, 2004-09 – 74 goals
10. Jair da Costa – 1962-72 – 69 goals

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