Top Ten Captains and Coaches of Barcelona-All time

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Juan Jose Nogues was the goalkeeper as well as the captain of FC Barcelona. Nogues helped the team to win Campionat de Catalunya for five times. Cesar Rodriguez also helped the club to win five trophies by playing as forward during 1951-52 season. Rodriguez won the first  Spanish La Liga title for FC Barcelona in the year 1945. Mariano Gonzalvo was one of the most talented midfielders in La Liga of 1940s and 1950s. Jose had won five Spanish La Liga titles and three Copa del Generalisimo for Barcelona football club. Antoni Ramallets was also the captain and goalkeeper of the Barcelona football club who made 538 appearances for FC Barcelona which consists of 288 appearances in Spanish La Liga. Ferran Olivella was the captain of Spanish National football for 18 times. Joan Segarra was the captain of one of the best teams has had in the history of FC Barcelona. Juan Asensi helped the club to win 1974 league title.

Top 10 captains of FC Barcelona football club are:

1. Josep Samitier
2. Juan Jose Nogues
3. Cesar Rodriguez
4. Maria Gonzalvo III
5. Antoni Ramallets
6. Joan Segarra
7. Ferran Olivella
8. Salvador Sadurni
9. Joaquim Rife
10. Juan Manuel Asensi

Pep Guardiola is the youngest coach of FC Barcelona to train a winning team of Champions League. In the year 2009, Guardiola finished the season with six trophies and became the first coach to have six trophies in the history of Barcelona football club. Frank Rijkaard is the first coach of Barca who won twice at Santiago Bernabeu, a stadium of Real Madrid football club. Louis van Gaal helped the Barcelona football club to win league championships twice and 1 Spanish Cup. Bobby Robson is voted as the best European manager in the year 1996-1997. Johan Cruyff is the most successful coach Barcelona football club ever had with eleven trophies under his coaching and he is the longest serving coach of FC Barcelona. Barca won four times the trophy of La Liga, one European Cup Winners’ Cup final of 1989 and one European Cup final of 1992. Under Johan Cruyff, the team also won European Super Cup, three Supercopa de Espana and a Copa del Rey.

Best coaches of FC Barcelona are:

1. Pep Guardiola
2. Frank Rijkaard
3. Johan Cruyff
4. Bobby Robson
5. Louis van Gaal


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