Top ten captains in UEFA 2010

John terry, captain of chelsea football club “One of the advantages of being Captain is being able to ask for advice without necessarily having to take it.”

The captain of the team is much like heart of the team. The coach is responsible to design the strategy while captain is the one who is to execute the strategy by keeping up the morale of other team mates and his performance as well. It is responsibility of the captain to keep the team mates together and avoid any misunderstanding among them. Legendary captains have ruled the football world and the spree of astounding captains continues even today. In the present UEFA Championship League season, many of the best captains are leading their teams. The top ten captains in UEFA 2010 are:

1)      John Terry

2)      Carles Puyol

3)      Francesco Totti

4)      Iker Cassilas

5)      Mark Van Bommel

6)      Javier Zanetti

7)      Cesc Fabregas

8)      Massimo Ambrosini

9)      Cristiano Marques Gomes

10)   Ledley King

Among these outstanding captains, John Terry, Cesc Fabregas and Iker Cassilas are definitely ruling the hearts of women football fans. Aren’t you a big fan of these footballers? Most of these top UEFA captains enjoy huge fan following. The love of their fans is not for no reason. All of these UEFA captains are brilliant footballers famous for their strikes or defending capabilities.

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