Top Ten Coaches and Captains of Milan – All time

by on September 30, 2010
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maldini, famous captain of milan football club

Herbert Kilpin is the founder of AC Milan as well as the manager of Milan. Adolfo Baloncieri managed the club during 1934-1936. Jozsef Viola was the manager of the club for two spell, one in 1933-34 and another in 1938-40. Giuseppe Bigogno was the manager of Milan during 1946-49. Lajos Czeizler served the club during the period 1949-52. Giuseppe Viani trained the club for three years from 1957-60. The most successful among the coaches of Milan’s history is Nereo Rocco as Rocco helped the club to win the Italian league and European cup of 1963. During the second spell in Milan, Rocco led the club to win Scudetto, two Cup Winners’ Cup, one European Cup, one Intercontinental Cup and one Italian cup.

Top ten coaches of Milan are:

1. Herbert Kilpin
2. Adolfo Baloncieri
3. Jozsef Viola
4. Giuseppe Bigogno
5. Lajos Czeizler
6. Giuseppe Viani
7. Nils Liedholm
8. Nereo Rocco
9. Fabio Capello
10. Carlo Ancelotti

Andrea Bonomi was the captain of AC Milan during the season of 1950-51 in which he led the team to win Serie A. Herbert Kilpin is a notable player and the founder of AC Milan. The club won the national title in 1901 led by Kilpin and also two more titles in 1906 and 1907. Nils Liedholm was the captain of the team from 1956-61. Liedholm led the club to win two Scudetto titles of 1957 and 1959. Gunnar Nordahl was the captain from 1954-56 and had won a Serie A title as a captain. Massimo Ambrosini is the present captain of AC Milan. Franco Baresi was the longest serving the captain of AC Milan and had won six Scudetto titles and three European Cups with the club. Paolo Maldini is the legendary captain that led the club to maximum number of victories.

Top ten captains of Milan are:

1. Paolo Maldini
2. Cesare Maldini
3. Franco Baresi
4. Andrea Bonomi
5. Herbert Kilpin
6. Nils Liedholm
7. Gunnar Nordahl
8. Gianni Rivera
9. Massimo Ambrosini
10. Giuseppe Antonini

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