Top Ten Coaches of Barcelona-All time

by on September 20, 2010
in Spanish La Liga League

Luis Barcelona

Roma Forns was the coach of Barcelona football club (Barcelona FC) with a team of best players and he won 1 Copa del Rey, 1 Championat de Catalunya and La Liga for FC Barcelona. Jose Gonzalvo was the coach for fifteen La Liga games and had won Copa del Generalisimo. Jack Greenwell was the coach of Barcelona football club during their first golden era. Greenwell was in charge of 492 games for the club which includes winning five times Campionat de Catalunya and Copa del Rey for two times. Jesza Poszony was the coach of Barcelona football club only for a brief spell of one year but he managed to win the Spanish Cup as well as the Campionat de Catalunya. Ferenc Platko was the coach of Barcelona football club while winning 10 successive Spanish La Liga games. One of the most successful periods of Barcelona football club was under Daucik. Barcelona  Football Club won five different trophies which include Spanish La Liga, Copa del Generalisimo, Copa Eva Duarte and Copa Latino under the training of Daucik.

Top 10 coaches of FC Barcelona football club are:

1. Johan Cruyff
2. Pep Guardiola
3. Jesza Poszony
4. Jack Dumby
5. Jack Greenwell
6. Roma Forns
7. Ferninand Daucik
8. Franz Platko
9. Jose Gonzalvo
10. Ralph Kirby

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