Top ten coaches of UEFA-All time

famous football goal keeper marcello-lippi“Coaches have to watch for what they don’t want to see and listen to what they don’t want to hear.” John Madden

To get the skills out of their football players, coaches have to play “a one man show” with vigilance. The coach in the football world could be regarded as one man who faces all the criticism, arrogance and blames in case the team loses. Not only is the coach  responsible for training  his team but the coach also plays an important role in keeping the players psychologically stable as the pressure could take away the confidence of players. When we talk about coaches, one name always pops up and that is Jose Mourinho, “The Special One” who has been creating his magic from time to time. Among the best top ten football coaches in UEFA, here are the names who were rewarded for their performances:

1)      Marcello Lippi

2)      Vicente del Bosque

3)      Alexx Ferguson

4)      Ottmar Hitzfeld

5)      Carlo Ancelotti

6)      Jose Mourinho

7)      Rafael Benitez

8)      Valery Gazzaev

9)      Frank Rijkaard

10)   Juande Ramos

Among these top ten coaches of UEFA, Jose and Bosque were awarded the best UEFA coaches award. The EPL and La Liga are all happening these days. Keep a close eye and rate your favorite coaches.

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