Top Ten Defenders and Coaches of Internazionale – All time

by on October 6, 2010
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Italian Serie A InternazionaleInternazionale FC Milan has had a long successful history of defenders. Inter Milan has produced several great defenders to the history of soccer and most them played international levels. Centre back is also known as centre half, stopper or central defender and their responsibility are to stop the players of the opposition. Centre back plays in the central position as their name shows. Full backs are placed one on each side of the field and are responsible for wide defensive positions. Wing back is the modern variation of full back and wing backs are responsible for heavier defense on attacks. The sweeper as the name suggests sweeps up the ball from the opponent who manages to break the line of defense.

Top ten defenders of Internazionale:

1. Paolo Agosteo
2. Giuseppe Baresi
3. Giuseppe Bergomi
4. Graziano Bini
5. Bruno Bolchi
6. Giacinto Facchetti
7. Daniel Passarella
8. Marco Materazzi
9. Walter Samuel
10. Javier Zanetti

Professional skills and the strategy of the coach will decide the positive results and also the physical and mental state of a football team. Personality of a coach also has a crucial role in the game. Coaching a team requires the knowledge of coaching techniques, warm ups, workouts etc. Coach is the soul of a football team. Fifty five coaches have been coached the FC Internazionale team in its history. The longest reign is of the coach Helenio Herrera and he is the most successful one in the history of FC Internazionale. In Italian history of soccer, FC Internazionale won the first “treble” during the reign of Jose Mourinho and he is the second successful one in the history of Inter Milan.

Top ten coaches of Internazionale:

1. Virgilio Fossati
2. Giuseppe Meazza
3. Helenio Herrera
4. Roberto Mancini
5. Jose Mourinho
6. Alfredo Foni
7. Roy Hodgson
8. Giovanni Trapattoni
9. Giovanni Ferrari
10. Eugenio Bersellini

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