Top ten football players of Getafe C.F. football club

Roberto Soldado scored a hattrick in Spain's 5-0 win against VenezuelaGetafe C.F. qualified for the Europa League after a surprise success in the La Liga last year. They are looking to be a much better side this year with the Coach Michel Gonzalez, who is really working hard for his side to win some competitions. Unfortunately they lost two great stars last year, Pedro León, who moved to “Real Madrid football club,” and Roberto Soldado to “Valencia football club”.

Roberto Soldado Rillo, Spanish, is an amazing player in the line-up of Getafe, scoring 16 goals last season and also the highest goal scorer of Getafe for the current season so far. With 8 goals last season, Manuel del Moral Fernández was Getafe’s second top goal scorer. Moral has scored 4 goals in the current 2010/2011 season so far. Daniel Parejo is another Spanish player in the Getafe football club squad who needs a close look as he scored 6 goals last season and 4 goals in the ongoing current season.

Getafe C.F. is a talented side with many great players in the squad. Their attacking formation is one of the best in Europe and could break into any defense. Getafe C.F. has this ability to thrash any side at any moment. They are furious and superb and control the game in their own style to produce great results.

The top ten players of Getafe football club for the 2010/11 season are:

1-Roberto Soldado Rillo (Spain) forward

2-Nicolás Ladislao Fedor Flores (Spain) Forward

3-Pedro Ríos Maestre (Spain) Mid Fileder

4-Manuel Del Moral Fernández (Spain) Forward

5-Daniel Parejo Muñoz (Spain) Mid Fielder

6-Kepa Blanco González (Spain) Forward

7-Juan Ángel Albín Leites (Uruguay) forward

8-Derek Owusu Boateng (Ghana) Mid Fielder

9-Jaime Gavilán Martínez (Spain) Mid Fielder

10-Pedro León Sánchez Gil (Spain) Mid Fielder

11-Fabio Celestini (Switzerland) Mid Fielder

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