Top ten football players of Real Club Deportivo Mallorca football club

Jonathan de guzman of Mallorca Mallorca football club is enjoying its participation in the Spanish top League, La Liga, for 14 consecutive years. The club recently when through a financial crunch and was bought by the tennis superstar Rafael Nadal. Even though they are on the fifth position on La Liga current season, UEFA didn’t give them the license to play in the Europa League because of the club’s financial problems. Despite facing a lot of financial problems this season, Mallorca football club didn’t compromise on their quality play and kept their winning streak alive on the current league run. All the credit goes to the Mallorca football club’s coach Michael Laudrup who worked hard for his side to meet all the standards in such difficult times.

Mallorca football club possesses a strong history with many great players. The club is full of talent and Pierre Webo is one of its examples. He has scored 5 goals so far in the current season and still looking dangerous for rest of the season. Gonzalo Castro had 6 goals last year and is on 5 for this season, an impressive performance from a midfielder overall. The Portuguese, Nunes, is another great player in the Mallorca side. The defender is not easy to break in.

The 22-year-old Canadian, Jonathan de Guzman, is another amazing talent in the squad. He plays football with passion and possesses great techniques. When Jonathanis on the field he is closely watched by everyone. The top ten football players of R.C.D Mallorca football club are:

1-    Pierre Webo, (Cameroon), Forward

2-    Gonzalo Castro Irizabal, (Uruguay), Mid Fielder

3-    Michael Pereira (France), Mid Fielder

4-    Emilio Nsue (Spain), Forward

5-    Víctor Casadesús Castaño, (Spain), Forward

6-    Jonathan Alexander Guzman, (Netherlands), Mid Fielder

7-    Ivan Ramis Barrios, (Spain), Defender

8-    José Carlos Araujo Nunes, (Portugal), Defender

9-    Joao Victor, (Brazil), Mid Fielder

10- Pau Cendros, (Spain), Defender

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