Top Ten Goalies and Defenders of Arsenal – All time

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Arsenal Football Club

Jimmy Ashcroft was one of the best goalkeeper of Woolwich Arsenal and he has 17 clean sheets in 34 league matches played for Woolwich Arsenal. Ashcroft played eight seasons and 303 games with Arsenal. Hugh McDonald is the only player who played for three different spells for Arsenal. Ernest Williamson played 120 matches for Arsenal. Dan Lewis played with Arsenal for three continuous seasons as a regular goalkeeper. Frank Moss played a total of 161 games for Arsenal and he is the only goalkeeper of club who scored in a first-class match playing as a left wing in First Division Match of 1935 against Everton. George Swindin played as goalkeeper in FA Cup finals of 1950 and 1952 even though he is forced to share the position of goalkeeper. Jack Kelsey became the second highest number of appearances made by a goalkeeper in Arsenal by playing 352 times for the club. Pat Jennings was playing with Arsenal to three consecutive FA Cup Finals of 1978, 1979 and 1980.

Top ten goalies of Arsenal are:

1. Jimmy Ashcroft
2. Hugh Mcdonald
3. Ernest Williamson
4. Dan Lewis
5. Frank Moss
6. George Swindin
7. Jack Kelsey
8. Bob Wilson
9. Pat Jennings
10. John Lukic

Lee Dixon was playing as Arsenal defender for late 1980s to 2002. Lee Dixon was the captain of England for 22 times. Lee played more than 600 matches for Arsenal. Tom Parker was the captain of Arsenal and became the first captain to win the FA Cup for Arsenal. Herbie Roberts had a long and successful career with Arsenal and he made more than 30 appearances for every season till 1936-37. Eddie Hapgood was the captain of both England national team and Arsenal. Eddie had the reputation of being an unruffled and elegant defender. Jimmy Sharp played 116 games and scored five goals for Arsenal. Joe Shaw played 326 matches for the club but never scored a goal. Alex Graham played 179 times for Arsenal and scored 20 goals. Percy Sands spent his seventeen years of career in Arsenal that made him one of the enduring players of the club.

Top ten defenders of Arsenal are:

1. Percy Sands
2. Jimmy Sharp
3. Joe Shaw
4. Alex Graham
5. Lee Dixon
6. Tom Parker
7. Herbie Roberts
8. Eddie Hapgood
9. Leslie Compton
10. George Male

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