Top Ten Goalies and Defenders of Liverpool FC-All time


David James was the goalkeeper of Liverpool who made his debut for the club in 16th August 1992. James was the part of Football League Cup winning team of 1995. Jose Reina made 259 appearances for the club as a goalkeeper. Bill Perkins made 117 appearances as a goalkeeper and was with the winning team of Football League Championship of 1901. Sam Hardy made 219 appearances for Livepool FC and was with the winning team of First Division Championship of 1906. Elisha Scott was an Irish goalkeeper who played for Liverpool and still holding the record of longest serving player. Scott made 468 appearances for the club. Arthur Riley made 338 appearances for Liverpool club as a goalkeeper. Tommy Lawrence made 390 appearances for the club and was the part of the winning teams of English League Championships of 1964 and 1966, Charity Shields of 1964, 1965 and 1966 and FA Cup of 1965. Ray Clemence played 650 matches for the club. Bruce Grobbelaar served the club for 14 years.

Top ten goalies of Liverpool FC are:

1. Harry Storer
2. Bill Perkins
3. Sam Hardy
4. Elisha Scott
5. Jose Reina
6. Arthur Riley
7. David James
8. Tommy Lawrence
9. Bruce Grobbelaar
10. Ray Clemence

Tommy Lucas helped Liverpool FC to win Football League Championship of 1922 and made 341 appearances for the club. Ephraim Longworth made 371 appearances for the club and had won 2 Football League Championship medals. Donald McKinlay enjoyed a long career with 434 appearances and 34 goals for Liverpool. McKinlay was with the winning teams of two Football League Championships of 1922 and 1923. Robbie Robinson played for the club for 271 appearances and scored 64 goals. Maurice Parry helped the club to win two Football League Championships and made 222 appearances for the club. Alex Raisbeck was the captain and led the club to two Football League Championships. William Goldie made 174 appearances for the club and helped the team to win a Football League Championship. Billy Dunlop made 325 appearances and earned two Football League Championships. Walter Wordsworth made 241 appearances and had won two First Division Championships. Tom Bromilow made 375 appearances as a defender for the club.

Top ten defenders of Liverpool FC are:

1. Walter Wadsworth
2. Tom Bromilow
3. Billy Dunlop
4. William Goldie
5. Alex Raisbeck
6. Maurice Parry
7. Robbie Robinson
8. Donald Mackinlay
9. Ephraim Longworth
10. Tommy Lucas

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