Top Ten Goalies and Defenders of Milan – All time

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buffon-gianluigi, famous goal keeper of Milan

Enrico Albertosi played for Italian national team in 1966 and 1970 World Cup. Albertosi won a championship medal and Coppa Italia along with A.C. Milan. Lorenzo Buffon played 15 seasons with Milan and was the captain of Italian national team for 15 times. Dario Compiani played 218 matches for Milan. Dida played 206 matches for AC Milan and was with the winning team of Milan in several championships. Sebastiano Rossi won five Scudetto with Milan and made 240 appearances for Milan. During Rossi’s time at Milan, he had won two European Super Cups, one Intercontinental cup, one Champions League and three Italian Super Cups. Rossi is regarded as the best goalkeepers of the club. Giorgio Ghezzi won one Serie A title and European Champions Cup of 1963 with Milan. Fabio Cudicini is one of the most celebrated goalkeepers of AC Milan who played 127 matches for the club.

Top ten goalies of Milan are:

1. Enrico Albertosi
2. Lorenzo Buffon
3. Dario Compiani
4. Dida
5. Sebastiano Rossi
6. Mario Zorzan
7. Giovanni Rossetti
8. Giorgio Ghezzi
9. Giovanni Galli
10. Fabio Cudicini

Mauro Tassotti played for seventeen years with the club and had won the European Cup of 1989, 1990 and 1994. Tassotti played 583 matches for Milan. Angel Anquilletti played 326 games for AC Milan and was with the club to win Coppa Italia for 4 times, a European Cup, one Intercontinental Cup and one UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup. Franco Baresi is considered as one of the greatest defenders and played 629 games for the club. Andrea Bonomi was the captain who played 233 matches for AC Milan. Alessandro Costacurta played 663 games for AC Milan. Aldo Maldera played 310 matches and scored 39 goals for AC Milan. Cesare Maldini spent most of his career with AC Milan by playing 412 matches. Paolo Maldini is the son of Cesare Maldini spent his entire career in AC Milan and had won five times UEFA Champions League, seven Serie A titles, five Supercopa Italiana, two Intercontinental Cups, five European Super Cups and one Coppa Italia. Paolo Maldini played 902 matches for the club and captained the team from 1997-2009.

Top ten defenders of Milan are:

1. Angelo Anquilletti
2. Franco Baresi
3. Mauro Tassotti
4. Giuseppe Bonizzoni
5. Andrea Bonomi
6. Alessandro Costacurta
7. Kakha Kaladze
8. Aldo Maldera
9. Cesare Maldini
10. Paolo Maldini


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