Top Ten Goalies and Defenders of Valencia-All time

Valencia CF

Jose Santiago Canizares is a legendary goalkeeper of Valencia CF who played 305 matches for the club. Canizares was also the captain of Valencia. Ignacio Eizaguirre is another legendary goalkeeper and he played during the golden decade of the club. Jose Manuel Ochotorena won the Ricardo Zamora Trophy in his first season at the club. Andoni Zubizarreta played more than 150 matches for the club. Jose Manuel Pesudo played two spell for the club and more than 100 matches together. Ricardo Zamora played more than 90 matches for Valencia CF. Ricardo Zamora trophy is awarded for the best goalkeeper of every La Liga season. Manzanedo also played over 90 matches as a goalkeeper for the club. Goyo and Angel Abelardo had won Zamora trophy in 1957-58 and 1970-71 respectively.

Top ten goalies of Valencia are:

  1. Andoni Zubizarreta
  2. Jose Manuel Ochotorena
  3. Jose Santiago Canizares
  4. Ignacio Eizaguirre
  5. Jose Manuel Pesudo
  6. Ricardo Zamora
  7. Jose Luis Manzanedo
  8. Martin Navarro
  9. Goyo
  10. Angel Abelardo

Emiliano Moretti was the left defender of Valencia and played for the club in 135 matches. Juan Ramon played for the club during the period of 1939- 1949 and had earned two captaincies for the club. Roberto Ayala is regarded as the best central defenders in the world of his generation. Robert Ayala had played 187 matches with Valencia and scored 9 goals for the club. Roberto Ayala played for 7 years for the club and helped the club reach the 2001 UEFA Champions League. Ayala also won Spanish La Liga and UEFA Cup in the season of 2003-04. Fabio Aurelio played for 6 seasons in the club and helped them to win their first La Liga championship after 31 years. Amedeo Carboni played 246 matches in nine years with the club. Francisco Camarasa played more than 300 matches for the club during his twelve years of career in Valencia. Vicente Asensi and Jesus Martinez spent their entire career in Valencia CF. Fernando Martinez played more than 100 matches for the club.

Top ten defenders of Valencia are:

  1. Emiliano Moretti
  2. Juan Ramon
  3. Fabio Aurelio
  4. Roberto Ayala
  5. Amedeo Carboni
  6. Francisco Jose Camarasa
  7. Vincente Asensi
  8. Jocelyn Angloma
  9. Jesus Martinez
  10. Fernando Martinez Perales

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