Top Ten Goals of FIFA World Cup

by on June 27, 2010


Recently ESPN decided to rank the goals scored over the eighty years (including this one) of the World Cup Tournament. Their selections did and do include some of the great highlights of the Cup and its best goals. They may not have gotten them in order, but they did a great job researching and composing the list. It included:

1. Diego Maradona’s infamous “hand of God” goal against England in Argentina’s 2-1 during the 2002 World Cup. (Maradona went on to win the Golden Ball for 2002 and, incidentally, is the coach of this year’s Argentine World Cup squad.)

2. Pele achieving superstardom at the ripe old age of 17. His goal(s) in the Brazil victory over Sweden in 1958 are legend. (Soccer’s great one ended that tournament with an impressive six goals in only four matches.)

3. Holland facing Argentina in the 1998 World Cup, in a whale of a match in which Dennis Bergkamp’s stylish goal was the move that landed the Netherlands in the semifinals. (Bergkamp’s winning ways earned him FIFA World Player of the Year twice as well as a spot in England’s Hall of Fame.)

4. While Bergman and the Dutch were celebrating his kick, England and Argentina were in a dead heat. Michael Owen masterful goal, after receiving the ball from Beckham, moved them past Argentina.

5. 1994 saw the emergence of Saeed Al-Owarian of Saudi Arabia. His goal to secure the Saudi win over Belgium also secured him the nickname the “Maradona of the Arabs”. (He also merited him a number six ranking in FIFA’s Goals of the Century Rankings.)

6. Carlos Alberto of Brazil was the team captain and it was his goal that sealed the win for the Brazilians over Italy to earn Brazil a World Cup Win!

7. Arie Haan of Holland gave us one spectacular goal in 1978 as the Dutch went up against West Germany. The goal, shot from forty yards out, one-upped a previous kick of thirty yards and sent Holland to the finals.

8. Same year, 1978, and Holland is once again part of the pairing. This time, it was Scotland who’d pull off the win as little Archie Gemmill’s goal shot over the head of the Dutch goalkeeper to score.

9. More recent history was made in 2006 when Argentina’s Esteban Cambiasso scored a massive strike (on of several) against Serbians to make the top ten listing.

10. In 1986, Mexico’s Manuel Negrete scissor-kicked the ball into the left corner of the goal to give his team the win over Bulgaria.

You don’t have to agree with the selections or their ranking, but you do have to admit these were some pretty memorable kicks in a tournament known for producing great plays!


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  1. R3dian says:

    Looks like typo mistakes hand of god is in 1986 and it’s 2-1 instead of 2-0 ……. I think his second goal the goal of century is great.

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