Top ten mid-fielders of Arsenal – All time

Arsenal football clubJohn Anderson joined Woolwich Arsenal and made his debut in Second Division. Anderson played 153 games for Arsenal and scored eleven goals. Cesc Fabregas is the current captain of Arsenal who is playing as a central midfielder. Vic Groves scored ten goals in a season and he played 201 times for Arsenal. Alex Forbes was nicknamed as ‘Red’ and is very well known for his hard tackling. Forbes played 240 games for the club and scored 20 goals. Alex James is considered as one of the greatest football players of Arsenal. James was an excellent player with supporting quality for strikers. Alf Baker played 451 games for Arsenal. Billy Blyth scored 51 goals and played 343 matches with Arsenal. Andy Ducat played 188 matches for the club.

No football club from any football league can deny the importance of a good midfielders. Midfielders make or break the game for a club. Same goes for midfielders of Arsenal. Midfielders of Arsenal football club have helped the club in winning the trophies they so proudly display in their office. Arsenal has some very good midfielders.

Top mid-fielders of Arsenal are:

1. John Anderson
2. John Dick
3. Andy Ducat
4. Billy Blyth
5. Alf Baker
6. Bob John
7. Alex James
8. Alex Forbes
9. Vic Groves
10. Cesc Fabregas

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