Top ten Midfielders of Athletic Bilbao-All time

by on September 26, 2010
in Italian League

Julen guerrero of atletic bilabo

Julen Guerrero Lopez was the attacking midfielder of Athletic Bilbao who spent his entire career with the club. Guerrero was well renowned for his shooting ability and skills. Guerrero signed a 10 year contract with the club which was the longest one in the history of the club and became the highest paid football player of his time. Jose Urrutia was the defensive midfielder of the club. Jose Panizo played in 325 La Liga matches and scored 136 goals for the club. Miguel de Andres played for 8 years for the club as a midfielder. Ismael Urtubi is still remembered as a talented left midfielder who was a fast, powerful and strong player of the club. Bittor Alkiza was a left midfielder combined with good tackling and passing skills. Francisco Javier was an attacking midfielder who played eleven years for the club. Angel Maria Villar made 300 appearances for the club. Like any other football club, Athletic Bilbao can only win matches if the midfielders perform well. For the same reason this football club from England has produced some very good midfielders. 

Top ten midfielders of Athletic Bilbao are:

1. Julen Guerrero
2. Jose Panizo
3. Josu Urrutia
4. Angel Maria Villar
5. Francisco Yeste
6. Jose Gallego
7. Bittor Alkiza
8. Ismael Urtubi
9. Ander Garitano
10. Miguel de Andres

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