Top Ten Moneymakers and Most Handsome (Hottest) Footballers of Athletic Bilbao

by on September 26, 2010
in Italian League

javi martinez of Atletico Bilbao Javi Martinez is a midfielder of Athletic Bilbao is earning a salary of €10 million yearly. Gorka Iraizoz is getting a salary of €4.6 million annually from the club. Mikel San Jose is earning an approximate salary of €4 million per year. Fernando Amorebieta is receiving a salary of €1.5 million a year approximately. Oscar de Marcos is receiving a salary of €3.5 million annually. Andoni Iraola is receiving a salary of €4 million salary per year. David Lopez is receiving a salary of €4.4 million a year. Markel Susaeta is earning a salary of € 4 million a year. Pablo Orbaiz is receives €3 million as annual salary. Xabier Castilla is getting an annual salary of €3 million.

Top ten money makers of Athletic Bilbao

1. Javi Martinez
2. Xabier Castilla
3. Andoni Iraola
4. Fernando Amorebieta
5. Markel Susaeta
6. Gorka Iraizoz
7. Pablo Orbaiz
8. David Lopez
9. Mikel San Jose
10. Oscar de Marcos

Fernando Llorente has a hot body with a beautiful face that can attract women. Aitor Ocio is a central defender who has sharp features and with a beautiful upper body. Markel Susaeta is a handsome young man playing as an attacking midfielder. Pablo Orbaiz is a defensive midfielder of the Athletic Bilbao who has a pretty smile on his face. Xabier Castilla has a well build body to admire along with a good looking face. Fernando Amorebieta has a very beautiful and charming face adored by female fans. Javier Martinez is the handsome central midfielder of Athletic Bilbao. Andoni Iraola is a handsome player of the football club club who plays as a defender or midfielder.

Top ten handsome players of Athletic Bilbao are:

1. Fernando Llorente
2. Aitor Ocio
3. Markel Susaeta
4. Pablo Orbaiz
5. Xabier Castillo
6. Fernando Amorebieta
7. Javier Martinez
8. Mikel San Jose
9. David Lopez
10. Andoni Iraola

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