Top Ten Moneymakers and Most Handsome (Hottest) Footballers of Real Madrid-All time

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Real Madrid has been spending lot of money for getting the star players. The club is paying a suitable amount of money for each player. To get the top players, the club has spent € 190 million. The players of Real Madrid are the top salaried footballers. The players of Real Madrid get yearly earnings of €4.7 million. Real Madrid star forward Ronaldo earns €13 million a year. Ronaldo is the most salaried player in the history of soccer. Real Madrid has spent $130 million for Ronaldo. Kaka, the Brazilian superstar earns €10 million from Real Madrid. Karim Benzema has a salary of €8.5 million. Xabi Alonso was bought by Real Madrid for $56.6 million. Iker Casillas is earning €6 million as salary a year.

1. Sergio Ramos
2. Van Nistelrooy
3. Cristiano Ronaldo
4. Kaka
5. Iker Casillas
6. Xabi Alonso
7. Zinedine Zidane
8. Gonzalo Higuain
9. Pepe
10. Van der Vaart

The most expensive and handsome football player in Real Madrid is Cristiano Ronaldo. Iker Casillas biggest attraction is his smile. Casillas is a shy and good-looking goalkeeper of Real Madrid. Ricardo Kaka is modeling for Armani with his handsome looks and smile. Gonzalo Higuain is the favorite of many women and because of the likeness towards him; women wanted his country to win the world cup. Raul Albiol is a handsome footballer who plays for both Real Madrid and Spanish football National team. Xabi Alonso is a handsome midfielder with good physique. Alonso is one of the most consistent footballers of Real Madrid. Another handsome guy is Luis Figo who had won La Liga title of 2001 and 2003 with Madrid. Figo also was with Real Madrid while winning the Champions League of 2001-2002.

Top 10 handsome players of Real Madrid are:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo
2. Ricardo Kaka
3. Raul Albiol
4. Xabi Alonso
5. David Beckham
6. Gutti
7. Sergio Ramos
8. Iker Casillas
9. Gonzalo Higuain
10. Luis Figo


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