Top ten players of Hercules football club

David Sergio Trezeguet of Hecules FCHercules Football Club is a team of great talent with many stylish, dedicated and technical players. The Herculanos are back in the first division after a long spell in the Second division. Unfortunately the team couldn’t show a good play in the top division and hanging on the last spot on La Liga table. If we look at the squad, it’s hard to believe that the team is struggling with the current form and could show a fair play to their viewers. The French attacker, David Sergio Trezeguet, who is recently signed from Juventus football club, scoring 138 goals in 245 appearances for the former club, is one of the current players in the Hercules squad who is in great form for this season. The striker has successfully scored 10 goals in the current La Liga season and still looking for more in rest of it.

Nelson Anotnio Haedo of Hercules FC is another new signing for the club this season. Unfortunately the Paraguayan striker didn’t perform on the regular basis for his former Borussia Dortmund football club and scored only 16 goals in his 113 appearances for the club. But the striker is looking in a great form for this season and successfully scored 7 goals in the 14 appearances for Hercules football club in Spanish La Liga.

The top 10 best football players of Hercules football club for 2010-11 season are:

1-    David Sergio Trezeguet (France), Attacker

2-    Nelson Anotnio Haedo Valdez (Paraguay), Attacker

3-    Royston Ricky Drenthe (Netherlands), Midfielder

4-    Abraham Paz Cruz (Spain), Defender

5-    Olivier Thomert (France), Attacker

6-    Francisco Femenia Far (Spain), Midfielder

7-    Francisco Javier Frinos Zapata (Spain), Midfielder

8-    Jorge Lopez Marco (Spain), Attacker

9-    Matias lionel Fritzler (Argentina), Midfielder

10-   Francisco Pena Romero (Spain), Defender

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