Top ten players of Mainz 05 football club

by on April 22, 2011
in Football Clubs

German football club Mainz-05FSV Mainz 05 football club is one of the lesser known clubs of Europe and the players playing with them are not such big names although they have been great servants to the club and it’s battle to play top flight football.

One such name that comes to mind is Jurgen Klopp, who not only played as a striker for 11 years for the club but eventually retired to take over the reigns of the club as a manager and managed them for 8 years. He saw Mainz 05 FC through to their first appearance in the German Bundesliga and has now moved onto managed Borussia Dortmund FC. Manuel Manfred Friedrich is another player who made his debut with the club and proved to be a hard working player on the field for them where he played as a centre back. A goal keeper that spent 15 years of his professional lift with FSV Mainz 05 FC is Dimo André Wache; he earned a total of 374 caps with the club and is also an honorary captain for the team.

A few other notable mentions were some international players who have gone out to find greener pastures else where. One such player is Mohammed Zidan, who currently plays for Borussia Dortmund but spend 3 years with Mainz 05 FC. Elkin Soto, Conor Casey and Cha Du-Ri are some other players that played an integral part in the little or so success that this club has had.

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