Top ten players of Real Racing Santander football club

Markus-Rosenberg of Real Racing Santander FC Last season Racing Santander football club finished 16th on the La Liga table, just two spaces away from the relegation zone. Current 2010-11 on-going season is the same for Racing Santander as they are just four points away to Almeria Football Club from avoiding the relegation zone and situated on 16th position on the La Liga table. This is all done because of the movement of Spanish youngster Sergio Canales who made a move to Real Madrid football club this season, and without him there’s only a little hope to survive this season.

There are still many options for the Racing Santander football club to bring few changes in the squad by buying some new regular goal scorers like Mohammad Tchite, who scored 11 goals last season which is an impressive stat for a forward on a lower table team.  The 27 year old Belgian-Burundian footballer can also be bought on a low price as the team is not doing well in the La Liga standings.

The players like Nil Markus Rosenberg, Ariel Gerardo Nahuelpan Ostan and swidish midfielder Kennedy Bakrichioglu, are also in the current Racing Santander squad to be closely watched for this season, as they are showing some great football display and looking in a great form for on-going 2010-11 season.

The top 10 best football players of Racing Santander football club for 2010-11 season are:

1-    Nils Markus Rosenberg (Sweden), Forward

2-    Ariel Gerardo Nahuelpan Osten (Argentina), Forward

3-    Kennedy bakirchioglu (Sweden), Midfielder

4-    Pablo Pinillos Caro (Spain), Defender

5-    Christian Fernandez Salas (Spain), Defender

6-    Giovani dos Santos Ramirez (mexico), Forwad

7-    Pedro Munitis Alvarez (Spain), Forward

8-    Ivan Bolado Palacios (Spain), Forward

9-    Oscar Serrano Rodriguez (Spain), Midfielder

10- Gonzalo Colsa Albendea (Spain), Midfielder

11- Manuel Arana (Spain), Midfielder

12- Mehdi Lacen (Algeria), Midfielder

13- Marc Torrejon Moya (Spain), Defender

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