Top ten players of Sevilla football club

fabiano of Sevilla football club Sevilla F.C. is one of the most successful Spanish sides in the last five years with two Europa League titles and a UEFA Super Cup title. Sevilla’s strongest asset is its attack. They are unstoppable and furious with no sympathy for any other club. However, three of their best top goal scorers are their attackers. The 30-year-old Luis Fabio looks like he is going to stay another year at Spain. The Brazilian is the regular goal-scorer for Sevilla with 15 goals in 18 appearances last year. World Cup winner Jesus Navas, 24 years old, is the highest-rated midfielder. Frederic Kanouté is also in the best form for the current season and started the season with an amazing two goals against Barcelona football club in the first leg of their Supercopa final. He is a great player with great skills and no doubt a great inspiration for rest of the teammates.

Álvaro Negredo is another player of Sevilla football club to watch closely for this season. He is looking quite dangerous and unstoppable with already 8 goals to his name. Unfortunately, he conceded 3 straight red cards last year and missed three games with -15 points as well. No doubt he is capable of scoring goals from anywhere, but this talent should have controlled his passion and aggression on the field so he could stay longer in the club.

The top 10 best football players of Sevilla FC for the current 2010/11 season are:

1-Luis Fabiano (Brazil), Forward

2-Frederic Kanouté (France), Forward

3- Álvaro Negredo Sánchez (Spain), Forward

4-Alejandro Alfaro Ligero (Huelva), Forward

5-Escudé (France), Defender

6-Ivica Dragutinovic (Serbia), Defender

7-Diego Perotti (Argentina), Mid Fielder

8-Renato Dirnei Florencio (Brazil), Mid Fielder

9-Julien 8-José Martín Cáceres (Uruguay), Defender

10-Federico Fazio (Argentina), Defender

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