Tottenham Hotspur football club performance record

English premier league: Tottenham Hotspur football club

Over the years, Tottenham fc as an individual club has improved tremendously and has given tough competition to the dominating big four of the premier league. The club has produced Worldclass players and has a remarkable profile; one that includes many trophies.

Profile of performance record:

1) Football league First division Champions (2 times).

2) Football league Second division Champions (2 times).

3) Southern League Champions.

4) Western League Champions.

5) FA Cup Winners (8 times).

6) League Cup Winners (4 times).

7) FA Charity Shield Winners (7 times).

8) UEFA Cup Winners (2 times).

9) UEFA Cup Winners cup (1 time).

Such an exemplary profile shows the quality and talent present in the club which has allowed Tottenham to lift so many trophies and in recent days the club has qualified for the top 16 of the UEFA Champions league and has defeated defending champions Inter Milan fc to top their group. In the Premier league, Spurs are currently at fifth position and have created upsets in the league by defeating dominating clubs such as Arsenal Fc and Liverpool Fc.

Tottenham Hotspur football club performance has beenreasonably good. Hotspurs football club is considered as one of the most competitive and toughest football club from Engliah Premiere League. no other top club can take this club as an easy opponent.

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