UEFA EURO 2012-Groups and Winner

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Over view of UEFA Champions league 2013-2014Group A- UEFA Euro 2012

Group A of the UEFA Euro 2012 featured 4 teams which included the co-host Poland along with Russia, Czech Republic and Greece. Teams were awarded 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss.

Considering Czech Republic, they have a standard formation of 4-3-2-1 featuring 3 goalkeepers, 7 defenders, 9 midfielders and 4 strikers, managed and coached by Michal Bilek. The captain of this team is Tomas Rosicky, while Peter Cech is regarded as the star player and Tomas Pekhart as the emerging talent. Currently, Czech Republic is ranked on top of the qualifiers’ list with 6 points.

Greece has a formation of 4-3-3, with 3 goalies, 8 defenders, 7 midfielders and 5 strikers, coached by Fernando Santos of Portugal. Giorgos Karagounis is the captain, Vasilis Torosidis the star player, and Sotiris Ninis the emerging talent for the Greek team. With 4 points in the team, they are placed 2nd in the group.

Russia too has a 4-3-3 formation, featuring 3 goalies, 7 defenders, 8 midfielders and 5 strikers with Dick Advocaat as the manager for the Russian team. The captain Andrei Arshavin, alongside the emerging star player, Alan Yelizbarovich Dzagoev, managed to equal points with Greece but due to their head-to-head record (1-0), Greece was qualified from Group A instead of Russia.

Poland featured 3 goalies, 7 defenders, 9 midfielders and 4 strikers that were under the management of Franciszek Smuda with a formation of 4-5-1. Jakub Blaszczykowski is the captain while Robert Lewandowski is the star player of the Poland team. They only managed to score 2 points in the qualifying round and are currently placed in last.

Group B- UEFA Euro 2012

This group consists of 4 teams namely, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Portugal. Germany is ranked first with 9 points, followed by Portugal with 6 points, Denmark with 3 and Netherlands nil.

Germany, the top-scorer in the qualifying round, plans its way with an arrangement of 4-5-1, with standard 3 goalies, 7 defenders, 11 midfielders, and 2 strikers in the squad managed by Joachim Löw. The captain is Philipp Lahm, while the star player is Mesut Ozil for Germans. Also, Mario Gomez has 3 goals to his name in the qualifying round.

Portugal has a typical formation of 4-3-3, featuring 3 goalies, 7 defenders, 6 midfielders and 7 strikers, managed by Paulo Bento. The most valuable player, Cristiano Ronaldo, is the captain of the team while winger Nani, is referred to as ‘The Understudy’. Moreover, Fabio Coentrao is the emerging talent of the Portugal national football team.

Denmark is ranked 3rd with a formation of 4-5-1 featuring 3 goalkeepers, 5 strikers, 7 defenders and 8 midfielders in the squad. Denmark’s captain is Daniel Agger and the star player is Dennis Rommedahl. The team is managed by Morten Olsen while Christian Eriksen is referred to as the ‘emerging talent’ of the team.

With a formation of 4-5-1, Netherland’s squad consists of 3 goalkeepers, 5 midfielders, 7 strikers and 8 defenders under the management of Bert van Marwijk. The captain of the team is Mark van Bommel while the star player is Wesley Sneijder with a rating of 2.67, equal to the top-rated player of Netherlands.

Group C- UEFA Euro 2012

Group C of the qualifying round comprises of 4 teams that are Spain, Italy, Croatia and Ireland Republic. Spain is ranked first with 7 points in the chart, Italy 2nd with 5 points, Croatia with 4 and Ireland Republic with none.

Spain, having a 4-5-1 formation, consists of a standard number of 3 goalies, 5 defenders, 5 strikers and 10 midfielders managed by Vicente Del Bosque. Iker Casillas is the captain of Spain while Xavi holds the honor of being the star player. Alongside, Fernando Torres is ranked 10th in the Player Rankings with 2 goals while Andrés Iniesta Luján has the highest rating in the Spanish squad.

Italy has a formation of 4-3-1-2 with 3 goalies, 5 strikers, 8 midfielders and 7 defenders, managed by Cesare Prandelli and under the captaincy of Gianluigi Buffon. With a player rating of 3.33, Andrea Pirlo is currently the star player of Italy.

With a standard formation of 4-2-2, Croatia features 3 goalies, 9 defenders, 8 midfielders and 3 strikers, under the management Slaven Billic and captaincy of Darijo SRNA. Having a 3.33 player rating, Luka Modric has become the star player for his team while Mario Mandzukic’s 3 goals have placed him on the top spot in the Player’s rankings.

Ireland Republic contested with a formation of 4-4-2 comprising of 5 strikers, 8 midfielders, 7 defenders and 3 goalies, managed by Giovanni Trapattoni. Robbie Keane is currently the captain while Shay Given, the goalie, is the star player for the team. James McClean is regarded as the ‘emerging talent’ of Ireland due to his consistently improved performance for his team.

Group D- UEFA Euro 2012

Group D of the Euro 2012 comprises of France, England, the co-host Ukraine, and Sweden. Rankings of the qualifying round show England on top with 7 points, France 2nd with 4 points, while Sweden and Ukraine each with 3 points.

England has had a standard formation of 4-5-1, featuring 6 strikers, 6 midfielders, 8 defenders and 3 goalies, under the captaincy of Steven Gerrard and management of Roy Hodgson. The star player is undoubtedly Wayne Rooney while the emerging talent of England is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

With a formation of 4-5-1, France presents its team with 3 goalies, 7 defenders, 10 midfielders and 3 strikers, coached and captained by Laurent Blanc and Hugo Lloris, respectively. Franck Ribéry is ranked 14th in the Player’s Ratings where his 3.33 rating is the highest among his French fellowmen.

Sweden, featuring 3 goalkeepers, 4 strikers, 7 defenders and 9 midfielders, plays with a formation of 4-5-1, which is managed by Erik Hamrén and captained by Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Alongside, Martin Olsson is considered as the emerging talent of the Swedes while Zlatan Ibrahimovic with a rating of 3.33, is placed 10th on the Player’s Ratings chart.

Ukraine moved a spot below that of Sweden after the last match, where it presented its team with a standard formation of 4-4-2. The team constituted of 3 goalies, 7 defenders, 7 midfielders and 6 strikers, under the management and captaincy of Oleg Blokhin and Andriy Shevchenko, respectively. Ukrainian Andriy Shevchenko with a rating of 3.33, is ranked 8th in the Player’s Ratings chart and is placed 7th with 2 goals to his name.

In the end Spain came out victorious yet again. Spain has defended its EURO Championship title and sealed its number one team spot in International Football convincingly.

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