Wedding Bells for Kaka

by on June 16, 2010
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Kaka and Caroline

When talking about the most stylish and good looking football superstar, the normal perception is that he would have ended up with a shining star of the modeling world in a holy knot. But Kaka, with his dashing personality, said a complete no to the glamor world and married his childhood sweetheart, Caroline Celico. Kaka and Caroline were tied in a holy knot on December 23, 2005 at Christ Church in Sao Paulo.

Caroline has amazingly cute looks, with a beautiful blend of attractive smile and innocent face.  She seems to totally dislike the glamor and spotlight and, for that reason, she has never posed for magazine shootings. The general perception about Caroline is that she is a bit shy. Doesn’t this just enhance her beauty? The couple seems to have a perfect chemistry and have been together since 2005 without any public controversy.

Kaka and Caroline first experienced personally the wonders of parenting with their baby boy, Luca, who was born on the 10th of June 2008.

Happy Birthday, Luca!

We wish that you grow strong and wise and a help to others!

Congratulations, dear Kaka (Our favorite Brazilian Football star) and Caroline! Keep it up! We wish you a happy and fulfilled married life!


6 Responses to “Wedding Bells for Kaka”
  1. tsarina777 says:

    She’s really beautiful and the pic with the baby is so sweet…!!!

  2. Omer says:

    A successfull footballer and a good looking wife and a son … what else Kaka wants in his life … i m sure he would be thinking to make his son one of his kind. Kaka wife is really cute and i kinda feel it cute that being so successful he could get any one … rich, sexy and good looking model or women from media but he choosed his childhood sweetheart …. May they live happily … and with such a cute and hot wife at home I am sure kaka doesnot need to go anywhere else.

    Good info 🙂

  3. R3dian says:

    Most Cutest Couple in Football game as far as i think 🙂 . I love this couple and little bit crazy about them :D. May they live happily.

  4. fiza says:

    aww thats so cute “his childhood sweetheart” .. i hope they live happily ever after 😀

  5. Anas says:

    They are really adorable together… =)

  6. Ana says:

    So cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

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