Who will Win the 24th Season of the English Premier League?

English Premier League

The English Premier League is one of the most popular football leagues in the world. It was founded in 1992 and this is its 24th season, so it is a relatively young competition which has earned big reputation. A total of 20 clubs participate in total of 38 rounds played during the season, and in the current season, the battle for the title is expected to be very exciting until the last minute.

The current holder of the English Premier League title is Chelsea. However, the Blues don’t look like they have a serious chance of mounting another title challenge, so they should probably think about rebuilding. First in line behind them are two clubs from Manchester. City has finished in one of the first two places for the last four years, and there is no reason this season of the English Premier League should be the exception. The Citizens have the money to buy any player they want and Manuel Pellegrini has truly excellent players at his disposal, and also a pretty long bench, which can be a decisive factor in the long exhausting season.

The story is a bit different when it comes to the other Manchester Club, United. They are still trusting Louis Van Gaal, although fans want to see his back, and the pressure of getting good results under these circumstances might turn out to be too much for Man United. However, Rooney and the gang definitely have the knowledge to come out on top, and you can’t write them off easily.

 Arsen Wenger

A lot of people believe this might be the Arsenal’s season. Arsen Wenger’s boys are waiting for the title for over 10 years (the last one won in 2004) and are hoping to lift the trophy in May. However, it does seem that the Gunners lack depth for playing the amount of games they are expected to, and there are many teams who can spoil the party. Liverpool is hoping to get back in the Champions League, where they belong, and Tottenham is playing great in the English Premier League for now. When you add other clubs, such as Leicester City, meddling in, we are expected to see a hell of a battle this season.

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